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While the horses might be the biggest drawcard for people travelling to Ant’s Nest and Ant’s Hill Bush Homes, they certainly aren’t the only furry four-legged creatures that the guests fall in love with during their stay with us!

We have a number of dogs running around the lodges that are just as much a part of the family as the staff and horses. Here is a little more about the pooches that you might meet during your stay at ‘The Hill’:

Bob and Marley are two adorable little Jack Russell brothers that Chase picked up in Vaalwater. Bob is identifiable by his brown collar, whereas Marley wears a colourful one. This seems to fit their personalities as Marley is a total ‘ladies man’ and is always looking for attention from the ladies around the lodge. Bob, on the other hand, is always on his own mission. He loves attention but will rarely come looking for it. Bob also has a soft spot for baby animals and becomes very protective. When our foal, Umlilo was recently born, Bob stayed with him in the stable for long periods of time and still plays with him on a regular basis.

Ants-2448Tequila a little black and white Jack Russell who belongs to Craig, the general manager at Ant’s Hill. She was given to Craig by his brother when he moved to Zambia. Although she may be small, she’s a fiery little creature with quite the queen bee attitude. Small dog, big heart. Before moving to Ants, she used to herd up to 60 beef cattle all by herself. She’s been on death’s door more than once though. The worst was when she was attacked by a German Shepard. You can still feel the indentation on her side where her ribs where crushed. She is a little fighter though and is going 16 this year. Harry is Jess’s childhood dog and the oldest here at 17 years old. He is mostly deaf now but still takes his little missions up and down from the house to the office and vice versa. Then we have Tess, a timid little daschund, who belongs to Poppet. She is very particular about who she lets give her rubs or attention and is usually found trailing loyally behind Poppet.

_MG_1176Keep an eye out for our next blog article which will feature the dogs at Ant’s Nest![:]