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Ant Africa Safaris is one of the earliest pioneers when it comes to offering horse safaris in Africa, successfully running them since 1996. Horses are our passion, and our incredibly dedicated and long-standing team ensure that our horses are as well looked after as our guests. Our herd of over 90 horses live a blissful life on our private game reserve amongst the wildlife. With the horses seen as a normal part of daily life, our horse riding safari guests can get closer to wildlife than probably anywhere else in Africa. Our private reserve offers an incredible diversity of terrain and scenery as well as wildlife, including many of the rarer species not easily observed elsewhere.

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Tailor-made activities for every day of your stay.

As with all our safari experiences, each day is tailor-made according to each guest’s wishes. There is no such thing as a typical riding day at Ant’s horse safaris! Guests can wake up when they want, ride when they want and for as long as they want. There will be no more than 6 guests on any one ride and each ride is accompanied by two guides as safety is of paramount importance. Ant’s is unique in that we are able to accommodate all levels of riders including children. However, riders of different abilities will not be mixed unless they choose to do so.

Non-riding spouses, partners, friends and family can easily be catered for with a wide variety of other safari activities on offer. However, many guests learn to ride here and riding lessons are available. Many of our riding guests do like some time away from the saddle to take advantage of relaxing by the pool or enjoying a massage, alternatively exploring the reserve in other ways either on foot, mountain bike or in a game viewer.

What makes us different is the home away from home feeling. Plus classic and stylish accommodation, personal attention to detail and the willingness of the team to go above and beyond to make your stay as memorable as possible. To further enhance your African riding experience, each day ends with a sundowner in a scenic spot and meals are served in a variety of locations from bush lunches to dinners around the fire.


We have been building a string of over 90 phenomenal horses since 1996. They are fit, responsive and reliable and also totally adapted to the African environment. This is no small feat. The horses range from big strong forward-going thoroughbreds, tough African Boerperds, feisty Arab crosses and exciting Friesian crossbreeds, ranging in size from 12hh to 17hh, including weight carriers which can cater for riders of up to 110 kgs.

Our large team of horse grooms and guides take pride in the wellbeing of each horse, ensuring that they are well schooled but not over-worked, with the result that each guest can have the opportunity of riding several different horses during their stay.

Great care is taken in matching the rider’s ability and confidence to their preference in type of mount. Rides vary in pace and duration according to each guest’s desires and ability. Our selection of reliable children’s ponies enable the experience of stunning game viewing to be shared by all. For absolute beginners, our steady horses help develop confidence and ability.

beginner or advanced, young or young-at-heart, we have the horse for you

Locally Made Gear for Horse and Rider


We use comfortable McLellan saddles, based on the famous US cavalry saddle designed for the ease of both horse and rider alike. A few Endurance saddles are also available if preferred. We require all clients to wear a riding hat, and stock a selection of sizes.

If you’re an avid rider and plan to spend many an hour in the saddle, we definitely encourage you to bring your own well-fitted helmet! Check out our information page see our suggested packing list.

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The Ant's Nest & Ant's Hill horseback safaris are owned and run by Ant Baber. Our complement of staff members have been handpicked since 1996 for their love of and dedication to conservation, wildlife, horses and hospitality. Many of our staff have worked with us since the start!

All aspects of running our horse safaris are done in-house, from maintaining roads and vehicles, carpentry, upholstery and building work, to the care and well-being of the wildlife and horses. Our horseback safari operation is dedicated to training and uplifting members of the local community to assist in finding employment.

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An exhilarating experience unlike any other. You won't find this safari anywhere else in Africa. Whether you choose to participate on horseback or in a game vehicle, you'll leave Ant Africa Safaris with memories and friendships for a lifetime. Click the button below to learn more about this unique safari adventure that only happens once a year.