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Situated on its own private game reserve, Ant Africa Safaris comprises 12,500 acres of pristine Waterberg bushveld, the perfect place to see wildlife on foot, in a game vehicle, or on horseback. The reserve is made up of 12 different ecological zones from open grassy plains to thick savannah bushveld, and given our location along an intercontinental divergence zone, we have a wider variety of flora and fauna than elsewhere in Africa.


The diverse topography of the reserve enables it to naturally sustain over 40 species of game including giraffe, white rhino, sable antelope, roan antelope, buffalo, nyala, gemsbok (oryx), kudu, Livingstone eland, blue wildebeest (gnu), red hartebeest, zebra, impala, bushbuck, duiker, steenbuck, mountain reedbuck, waterbuck, warthog, blesbuck, baboons, bushpig, klipspringer, leopard, jackal, brown hyena, caracal, civet and genet. Get close to the wildlife on horseback, in a game vehicle or on foot.

For those horse riders who are passionate about birds, there are well over 300 species of resident and migrant birds.

Sable and roan antelope are two of the most conservation dependent species in South Africa and are scarcely seen in any National Park. You will have the opportunity of spotting both these rare antelope with us at Ant Africa Safaris.

Guests are always welcome to join in on any management activities which are taking place on the reserve, such as game capture, the relocation and treating of injured animals, all of which can be done on horseback. An annual game census takes place in June, much of which is carried out on horseback, offering an adrenaline-inducing week of fast riding and a unique opportunity to work closely with wild animals.


For those who wish to take a break from horse riding, there is much to see in the surrounding area. The Waterberg is an exceptional and internationally recognised natural heritage site and is a unique wilderness area of South Africa yet to be fully discovered. The first English and Boer Voortrekkers travelled up from the Cape in their wagons in the 1850’s. Its beauty lies in its superb vistas, mountain gorges, crystal clear streams and rolling bushveld hills.

The Waterberg’s charismatic beauty and biodiversity that covers over 14,500 sq km, has been recognized worldwide and awarded the status of World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. It is the only savannah biosphere in the world.

Its size is equivalent to 80% of the Kruger National Park, and approximately 70% has already been designated a conservation area and home to the Big 5 and more. Sable and Roan antelope (rarely seen anywhere else today) are an iconic species of the area and a must see! Both of these can be found at Ant’s Nest and Ant’s Hill. The Waterberg is immensely rich in cultural, archaeological and biological diversity and has a fascinating history. It has been inhabited for at least 2000 years with the earliest people being the San Bushmen. There are numerous archaeological sites and bushman paintings showing evidence of these hunter gatherers. Many of these can be visited from Ant’s Nest and Ant’s Hill Riding Safaris in the form of day excursions.

The Waterberg is also home to the incredibly beautiful Marakele National Park which today hosts one of the world’s largest breeding colonies of the endangered Cape Vulture. These magnificent birds nest on the cliffs of the Santech towers which is the highest point in the Waterberg and boasts some of the best vistas imaginable.

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