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wedding on horseback

Fairy-Tale Wedding at Ants

By The Ant's Experience
[:en]The rugged wilderness and dramatic landscapes of the Waterberg is the ideal setting for any romantic celebration, and especially perfect for a fairy-tale destination wedding.

Combining spectacular scenery with our incredibly intimate accommodation options, traditional dancers, gourmet cuisine and horseback riding, a wedding at Ant’s Nest and Ant’s Hill Bush Homes brings every little girl’s fairy-tale to life.

waterberg wedding with horses

Destination Wedding in the Waterberg:
The most obvious benefit of having a destination wedding is that it’s a great excuse to not invite every distant relative and long-lost school friends. As travel and accommodation are involved, guest lists need to be selective, making it a far more intimate experience all round.

Those that are willing to travel will be rewarded. The Waterberg is one of the most scenic areas in South Africa and thus makes for a spectacular holiday destination. If you’re planning on travelling with a big enough group, you could even book out the entire lodge.

For the big day, instead of a traditional church or hall, you can opt to be married on the top of a mountain, or under a shady Acacia tree. A late morning ceremony will be rewarded with spectacular views in the African sun, or you can say your ‘I do’s’ in the late afternoon, as the sun sets over the Waterberg, followed by a dinnertime celebration. In addition to having the ceremony outdoors, your reception can also take place in the bush.

destination wedding ant's nest and ant's hill bush homes

If you love horses, you can choose to arrive on horseback, or even do you photoshoot with the horses. Horses exude a sense of mystery and romance and adding them to your wedding day can be so special. To make your ceremony extra special you can also opt to be serenaded by a local Africa choir, live band or even just the gentle sounds of nature.

wedding with horses south africa

Last but not least, one of the most wonderful benefits of being wed in the Waterberg is the breathtaking photo opportunities. From taking a helicopter to the highest peak to being photobombed by rhinos, your wedding photos are guaranteed to be gorgeous.

rhinos in wedding photo ant's nest and ant's hill bush homes

Let us make your fairy-tale dreams come true! Get in touch with us to start planning your perfect destination wedding.[:]